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Bouldering in Spilluck, South Tyrol, Italy
Photograph by: Vaidotas Monstavicius

Hi! I’m Rokas Juozapavicius. I was born and raised in Lithuania, I moved to the United Kingdom at the age of eighteen. Since I was little, I was always drawn to explore what is around me as I grew up methods of my exploration have changed. Climbing trees and walking through the local forest became climbing rock and trekking through the Russian Taiga. Having a camera at hand has allowed me to express myself and capture imagery that I hope inspires other people to step out of their comfort zone and go on their own adventures just like I have. I strive to be a participatory photographer, walking that fine line between being an athlete and an artist. Documenting life as it unfolds in front of me, where ever it may be. On a rock face high above the ground, sea or air. I am currently based in London finishing my studies in photography with hopes to explore our planet full time through activities I partake and inspire other people.